Who We Work With

We believe all businesses–both big and small–deserve access to capital, tools, and technology that help them improve their companies.

We provide affordable financing and digital advisory services to small businesses that might otherwise have difficulty finding the appropriate resources to grow. We strive to make the majority of our small business loans to woman-, minority-, and veteran-owned companies, businesses located in low-to-moderate income communities, and startups that are fewer than two years old.

By offering our digital advisory services to our clients for free, we hope to level the playing field so that all entrepreneurs have a fair opportunity to succeed and drive economic growth in their communities. Strategic partnerships with organizations like Kiva, Pacific Community Ventures, CDC Small Business Finance, and other local partners that share our values allow us to help even more entrepreneurs.

Erik Rueda Design Lab

As a child, Erik Rueda always enjoyed helping his father with carpentry projects, building things from scratch, and working with his hands. That creative impulse led him to enroll in the architecture program at Northeastern University, enlist in the U.S. Army Reserves as a construction engineer, and eventually launch his own company: Erik Rueda Design Lab (ERDL). ERDL is a custom furniture and millwork design, manufacturing, and consulting company that integrates design with technology to create functional, tech-infused furniture and installation pieces. When Erik decided to launch a co-working space for the Boston design community within ERDL, he received a $50,000 small business loan through LISC’s Impact Lending program. Based in Chelsea, Massachusetts, a neighborhood just north of B... Learn More

Evelyn's Food Love

Story by Justin Breen, photo by Gordon Walek.

Evelyn Shelton wants to revitalize Washington Park one triple chocolate chip pancake at a time, and a substantial LISC Small Business loan is allowing her to do just that.  Shelton debuted her restaurant – Evelyn’s Food Love – in Washington Park, a neighborhood that has struggled with crime, vacant lots and poverty. She said residents and others have quickly embraced the new restaurant, which has a cafeteria-style setting, open seating, and offers breakfast, lunch and dinner. Some of the most popular items include roasted chicken, fresh salads and triple chocolate chip pancakes covered in chocolate syrup, caramel, vanilla bean ice cream and cocoa powder.  “This area has nowhere to go but up, and Washington Park was an area where we thou... Learn More

Paul Gargagliano

Caribbean Apparel

Photos by Paul Gargagliano

Legrand Lindor, CEO of CARIBBEAN APPAREL™ and LMI Textiles, works every day to inspire unity amongst Caribbean peoples through displays of pride in their own cultures. His company manufactures apparel and casual wear representing more than 23 different countries, from Trinidad & Tobago to Belize, giving wearers the chance to showcase their heritage boldly. “Our clients include national teams, Olympic athletes and NFL players,” says Legrand. Despite his company’s success, Legrand struggled to find an affordable loan to grow his company further until he received a $17,500 microloan through Impact Lending, a partnership between Northeastern University and LISC.   Launched last fall, Impact Lending provides financing to small businesses in Boston and other cities in Massachusetts. Northeastern University contributed $2.5 million to Im... Learn More